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Hey there, Tax Crime Junkies! For those of you who are new to our show, Tax Crime Junkies is the true crime podcast that combines our love of taxes and crime, and we’re here to bring you the inside scoop on some of the most fascinating tax-related cases out there. As tax experts and practitioners ourselves, Dom and Tom are uniquely qualified to uncover the most intricate details of these cases, and we’re not afraid to go deep. We know the ins and outs of the tax system, and we’re passionate about bringing our knowledge to you, our devoted listeners. From embezzlement and fraud to money laundering and more, we’ve covered some of the most shocking tax crimes out there. We’ve talked to experts, lawyers, and even some of the criminals themselves to get a better understanding of what drives people to commit these crimes and how they get away with it for so long. But we’re not just here to entertain you with tales of tax crime. We’re also dedicated to educating our listeners about the importance of proper tax compliance and helping business owners avoid making costly mistakes that could land them in hot water with the IRS. So whether you’re a true crime buff, a tax professional, or just someone who wants to learn more about the seedy underbelly of the tax world, Tax Crime Junkies has something for you. So keep tuning in, keep spreading the word, and keep those five-star reviews coming! Thanks for listening!

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Tuesday Apr 23, 2024

Show Notes for Episode 38: Charities, Tax Shelters, and Crimes...Oh My!
Hosts: Dominique Molina and Tom Gorczynski
In this episode of "Tax Crime Junkies," we delve into the shady dealings of Michael L. Meyer and his notorious "Ultimate Tax Plan." Discover how Meyer, posing as a trustworthy professional, lured financial planners and their wealthy clients into a fraudulent scheme promising massive tax breaks without real charitable contributions. Through a network of bogus charities and deceitful appraisals, Meyer managed to orchestrate one of the most elaborate tax frauds in recent history.
What You'll Learn:
The Mechanics of the Ultimate Tax Plan: How it promised tax benefits through fake charities and non-existent charitable contributions.
Profile of Michael L. Meyer: A look into the life and criminal activities of the architect behind this grand tax fraud.
Legal and Tax Implications: Understanding the violations involved in the scheme, including IRS rules on charitable contributions and tax deductions.
The Role of Financial Planners: How they were duped by Meyer's credentials and presentations, and what red flags they missed.
Real-Life Consequences: Insights into the repercussions for those who unwittingly or willfully participated in the scheme.
Featured Segments
Deep Dive into the Scheme: An analysis of how the Ultimate Tax Plan worked, including the use of LLCs and the fake appraisal process.
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Next Week’s Teaser:
Stay tuned for the next episode of "Tax Crime Junkies," where we’ll explore the broader consequences of Meyer’s scheme on the financial industry and the relentless pursuit by the IRS to bring justice. We'll also feature personal stories from those caught in the crossfire of this deceitful plan.

Wednesday Apr 10, 2024

Show Notes for Tax Crime Junkies: "Just When You Think You Know a Person: Alan Fabian’s Savvy Scheme"
Episode Summary: In this eye-opening episode of Tax Crime Junkies, your hosts Dominique and Tom delve into the complex and shocking world of Alan Fabian. A seemingly perfect citizen, family man, and business mogul, Alan's life took a dark turn into criminal activity, culminating in a 23-count criminal indictment in 2007. Discover how Alan's insatiable greed and savvy schemes fooled everyone around him and led to his downfall.
What You'll Learn:
The Double Life of Alan Fabian: How a respected businessman and community member orchestrated a multi-million dollar fraud.
The Mechanics of Fraud: Insights into the sale-and-leaseback transactions and false tax returns that fueled Alan's lavish lifestyle.
The Consequences of Crime: A detailed account of the legal repercussions Alan faced, including his sentence and the aftermath for his family.
A Story of Redemption? Alan's life post-incarceration and the role of faith and family in his attempt to make amends.
Featured in This Episode:
Dominique: CPA certified tax strategist with a degree in law, leading the American Institute of Certified Tax Planners.
Tom Gorczynski: Enrolled agent admitted to practice before the US Tax Court, with a deep interest in true crime.
Key Moments:
[00:01:30] Introduction to Alan Fabian's seemingly perfect life and the initial shock of his criminal indictment.
[00:6:53] What are sale leaseback transactions? What are gift leaseback transactions?
[00:21:45] The unraveling of Alan's empire, the legal battles, and the fallout from his actions.
[00:30:00] Analysis of the tax fraud elements in Alan's crimes and the lessons to be learned for both professionals and the public.
Arthur Andersen & Enron Scandal: Background on the firm where Alan began his career and its infamous collapse.
Sale-and-Leaseback Transactions: An explanation of the financial arrangements central to Alan's scheme.
U.S. Department of Justice: Overview of the criminal justice process for white-collar crimes.
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Monday Apr 01, 2024

This April Fool's Day, "Tax Crime Junkies" takes a detour from the usual maze of numbers and legal intrigue to bring you something completely different—a bonus episode packed with our most hilarious bloopers!
Join Dom and Tom as they let their guard down and share the moments that didn't make the cut. From tongue-tied explanations of tax legislation to unexpectedly comedic interpretations of courtroom drama, "No Joke Left Behind: The Tax Crime Junkies' Blooper Bonanza" promises a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lighter side of making a tax crime podcast.
Expect laughter, a few facepalms, and an insider’s look at the mishaps and mispronunciations that happen when tax law gets too taxing. It's the content you never knew you needed, proving that even in the world of tax crime, there's plenty of room for a good laugh.
So, forget the calculators and legal briefs for a moment, and join us for an episode that celebrates the joy of unscripted moments and the human side of tax crime sleuthing. Because sometimes, the best way to tackle the complexities of tax law is with a hearty dose of humor.
"No Joke Left Behind: The Tax Crime Junkies' Blooper Bonanza"—where the only thing audited is our ability to keep a straight face.

Tuesday Mar 26, 2024

Episode Summary:
In this compelling follow-up episode of "Tax Crime Junkies," hosts Dom and Tom continue their deep dive with Frank Kelly, the tax preparer whose battle against federal charges captivated our audience. In Part 2 of our exclusive interview, Kelly opens up about the aftermath of his trial, his journey towards personal and professional redemption, and his ongoing efforts to advocate for fairness and transparency in the tax system.
Key Episode Highlights:
Rebuilding After the Verdict: Kelly discusses the challenges of rebuilding his life and career following the resolution of his case, including the steps he's taken to regain trust and credibility in his community.
Lessons Learned: Reflecting on his ordeal, Kelly shares the valuable lessons he learned about the legal system, tax law, and personal resilience.
Advocacy and Change: Discover how Kelly's experiences have inspired him to become an advocate for change, including his work to support individuals facing similar legal challenges and his efforts to promote reforms within the tax preparation industry.
The Personal Toll: A candid look at the emotional and psychological impact of the trial on Kelly and his family, highlighting the often-overlooked human element of legal battles.
Looking Forward: Kelly talks about his hopes for the future, including his professional goals, personal aspirations, and the legacy he hopes to leave behind.
Advice for Tax Preparers and Taxpayers: Drawing from his wealth of experience, Kelly offers advice for tax preparers and taxpayers alike, emphasizing the importance of diligence, honesty, and seeking knowledgeable guidance.
Share Your Story: We invite listeners to share their own experiences with tax law, legal challenges, or personal redemption. Connect with us via social media or email.
Connect with "Tax Crime Junkies":
Twitter: [@TaxCrimeJunkies]
Instagram: [@TaxCrimeJunkies]
Special Thanks:Our sincere thanks to Frank Kelly for his transparency and courage in sharing his story, to our listeners for their engagement and support, and to everyone who contributed to making this interview series insightful and impactful.

Wednesday Mar 13, 2024

Episode Summary:
Don't Miss - who Frank says is fat, bald headed pigtails on a flying carpet. 
In an unprecedented episode of "Tax Crime Junkies," hosts Dom and Tom sit down with Frank Kelly, the tax preparer at the heart of the United States v. Frank Kelly case. After navigating through a harrowing legal battle against charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States, Kelly shares his side of the story in an exclusive, revealing interview. Listen as Kelly delves into the intricacies of his case, the emotional toll of the trial, and his candid thoughts on the justice system.
Key Episode Highlights:
Introduction to Frank Kelly: A brief overview of Kelly's background, his career as a tax preparer, and the events leading up to his indictment.
The Charges Explained: Kelly offers his perspective on the charges brought against him, providing clarity on the legal accusations and their implications.
The Trial: An in-depth look at the trial proceedings from Kelly's viewpoint, including his defense strategy, key moments in the courtroom, and the role of his legal team.
Engage with Us:
Feedback and Further Questions: Encouraging listeners to share their thoughts on the interview and submit any additional questions they might have for Kelly or the hosts.
Follow Us: Reminding listeners to follow the podcast on social media for updates, bonus content, and announcements of upcoming episodes.
Connect with "Tax Crime Junkies":
Twitter: @TaxCrimeJunkies
Instagram: @TaxCrimeJunkies
Special Thanks:A heartfelt thank you to Frank Kelly for his openness and willingness to share his story, to our listeners for their engagement and support, and to our legal experts for providing context and clarity on the case.

Tuesday Feb 27, 2024

Episode Summary:
In this gripping episode of "Tax Crime Junkies," hosts Dom and Tom delve into the captivating case of United States v. Frank Kelly, a story that navigates the murky waters of tax law, justice, and the lengths to which individuals will go to contest the might of the IRS. Set against the backdrop of a seemingly innocuous auto repair shop in Pennsylvania, this episode unravels the complex legal battle faced by tax preparer Frank Kelly, charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States.
Key Episode Highlights:
The Beginning: The episode kicks off with the story of an auto repair shop owner embroiled in a tax controversy, setting the stage for Frank Kelly's entrance and the ensuing legal drama.
The Charges: Detailed exploration of the charges against Kelly, providing listeners with a clear understanding of the legal accusations and the implications of a conspiracy charge.
The Undercover Operation: An enthralling recount of how the IRS embarks on a covert mission to probe the practices of Frank Kelly, a tax preparer with a reputation for meticulousness. We set the stage for a gripping tale of suspicion and surveillance.
The Covert Meeting: A detailed analysis of the clandestine encounter between Kelly and an undercover IRS agent. This segment offers listeners an insider's view of the operational tactics used by the IRS and the cautious yet thorough approach Kelly employs in his work.
The Legal Battle: An in-depth analysis of the trial proceedings, from the indictment to the courtroom strategies employed by both the defense and prosecution, shedding light on the intricacies of mounting a defense against federal charges.
Exclusive Interview Preview: Teasing an upcoming episode featuring an exclusive interview with Frank Kelly, offering a unique insight into his personal experiences, the emotional impact of the trial, and his views on the justice system.
Jury Deliberation and Verdict: A look into the crucial role of the jury, emphasizing the weight of their responsibility and the process leading to the unexpected verdict.
What's Next: An exclusive interview with survivor and real tax pro Frank Kelly
Engage with Us:
Feedback and Questions: Have thoughts or questions about this episode? Email us or connect on Twitter @TaxCrimeJunkies
Share Your Story: Inspired by Frank Kelly's story? We're always looking for compelling tax tales to feature in future episodes.
Connect with "Tax Crime Junkies":
Twitter: @TaxCrimeJunkiesPod
Instagram: [@TaxCrimeJunkiesPod]
Special Thanks:
A big thank you to our legal experts for their insights, to Frank Kelly for agreeing to share his story, and, as always, to our listeners for joining us on this journey through the complexities of tax law and the justice system.
Stay tuned for more tales from the world of tax crime, and remember, in the world of numbers and legal battles, there's always a story waiting to be told.

Tuesday Feb 13, 2024

Prepare for another riveting episode of Tax Crime Junkies as we venture into the controversial world of the famed Chrisley family. Unravel their tumultuous journey from celebrity status to courtrooms through our meticulously constructed narrative. Explore the depth of their legal battles, the shocking accusations of embezzlement, fraud, and money laundering, and their surprising resilience amidst hardships.Join hosts Dom and Tom on a deep dive into the intricate network of the Chrisleys' controversies that reveal the importance of tax compliance and the potentially disastrous repercussions of its neglect. Experience the roller-coaster story of this notorious family that continues to claim the media's spotlight.Our episode pulls back the veil on the high-profile case of Todd and Julie Chrisley. As reality TV stars turned prison inmates due to tax evasion, the Chrisleys challenge the legitimacy of the government's case against them, raising serious questions about governmental misconduct and the violation of their Fourth Amendment rights.We take you down the twisting paths of their ongoing legal struggle, shining a light on multiple allegations of false claims made by an IRS officer, improper testimonies, and illegal search warrants. Plus, unravel the role of their CPA, Peter Tarantino, who faced his own separate brush with tax-related convictions.As the Chrisleys continue their relentless pursuit to clear their names and win freedom, this episode will intrigue you with its insightful coverage and question whether these constitutional allegations will alter the final verdict. Tune into this revealing account on the saga of the Chrisleys!

Tuesday Jan 30, 2024

Welcome to the latest episode of Tax Crime Junkies, where we take a deep dive into the infamous South Lane Enterprise scandal. Join this exhilarating journey as hosts Dom and Tom chat with special guest, certified fraud examiner Richard Bailey about the ins and outs of famously exposing a staggering $350 million fraud.
A phone call in the summer of 2013 marked the beginning of the riveting tale woven with greed, fraud, and the spectacular downfall of South Lane Enterprise. Bailey narrates the thrilling saga of uncovering $1.2 million in mysterious funds, signing stock certificates under severe distress, punctuated by a chilling atmosphere of constant danger and threats.
Witness the collapse of a meticulously built empire when the company's insurance sellers start demanding their cut. When co-founder Alexander Chatfield Burns absconds, he leaves behind a chaotic frenzy of legal troubles and a shaken minority partner struggling to salvage what's left.
Despite Burns' attempt to start afresh in Charleston, South Carolina, the Wall Street Journal discovers his past. Striving to escape his past, Burns leaves Bailey grappling with significant personal financial liability and the race to prevent the winery from going under. The episode concludes with Bailey’s dramatic decision to reveal the truth to the authorities, setting in motion the final act of the South Lane odyssey.
In the heart of Pirate Cove, Bailey exposes the fascinating, yet horrifying tale of a 28-year-old’s incredible $350 million Securities Portfolio fraud. Discover the captivating chronicles of duplicity, audacious discoveries, and the severe repercussions in the high-stakes world of finance. Tune in to Tax Crime Junkies as Bailey guides you through the anatomy of this formidable white-collar crime: a plot that will keep you at the edge of your seat until the very end.
You can purchase Richard's exciting new book at amazon:

Tuesday Jan 16, 2024

Show Notes:
Welcome back to another episode of Tax Crime Junkies! In this thrilling episode, we dive deep into the infamous Southport Lane scandal, a story of financial manipulation, deceit, and a downfall that shook the world of private equity.
Hosts: Dom and Tom
Special Guest: Richard Bailey, Certified Fraud Examiner and author of "Pirate Cove:
An Insider's Account of the Infamous Southport Lane Scandal"
Episode Highlights:
Introduction to Richard Bailey (00:02:00): We introduce our special guest, Richard Bailey, whose expertise as a certified fraud examiner brings unique insights into the Southport Lane scandal.
The Southport Lane Scandal Explained (00:05:00): Richard delves into the intricate details of the scandal, unraveling the complex financial schemes orchestrated by Alexander Chatfield Burns, a young financial prodigy.
Inside the Mind of a Fraudster (00:15:00): A discussion on the psychological aspects driving individuals like Burns to commit such extensive financial crimes.
The Red Flags and Oversight (00:20:00): We explore the missed red flags and the failure of regulatory oversight that allowed the scandal to flourish.
Richard Bailey's Personal Experience (00:30:00): Richard shares his personal experiences and challenges in uncovering and dealing with the ramifications of the scandal, including his interactions with Burns.
Links and Resources:
Richard Bailey's Book: "Pirate Cove: An Insider's Account of the Infamous Southport Lane Scandal"
Contact Information:
Twitter and Instagram: @TaxCrimeJunkies
Produced by: Vizon
Music by: Vizon
Next Episode Preview: Stay tuned for our next episode where we delve into another gripping tax crime story that will keep you on the edge of your seat!
Thank you for listening to Tax Crime Junkies. Don't forget to leave us a review and subscribe for more episodes. Until next time, stay curious!

Friday Jan 05, 2024

Tax Crime Junkies: “Delinquent Judges and Juvenile Delinquents” - Part Two
Welcome back to the gripping conclusion of our two-part series on the notorious "Kids for Cash" scandal. Hosts Dominique Molina, a CPA certified tax strategist, and Tom Gorczynski, an enrolled agent and tax instructor, delve deep into the corrupt world of two Pennsylvania judges, Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan.
Episode Highlights:
The Kids for Cash Scandal: Unpacking the scandalous activities of Judges Ciavarella and Conahan who exploited their positions to make millions by sentencing first-time juvenile offenders to detention centers for minor infractions, often without fair trials or due process.
Financial Schemes and Cover-ups: The hosts reveal how the judges used LLCs, luxury properties, and dubious rental agreements with Robert Powell, the investor behind the detention centers, to launder their illicit gains.
The Unraveling of a Scheme: The episode details how the FBI and IRS began investigating the judges, leading to a grand jury indictment in 2009 on charges including racketeering, fraud, money laundering, and tax violations.
Impact on Victims: The profound and devastating impact on the lives of the juveniles and their families is highlighted, including the case of Hillary Transue, a teenager wrongfully penalized for a harmless MySpace prank.
Legal Repercussions: The legal downfall of Ciavarella and Conahan is discussed, culminating in substantial prison sentences and restitution payments, while emphasizing the irreversible damage caused to countless young lives.
Advocacy and Reform: The episode acknowledges the efforts of victims like Hillary Transue in advocating for juvenile justice reform.
Resources for Listeners: For those interested in learning more, the hosts recommend the book “Kids for Cash” by William Ecenbarger and the 2013 documentary directed by Robert May.
Closing Thoughts:
In this compelling and heart-wrenching episode, "Tax Crime Junkies" not only exposes the depths of judicial corruption but also sheds light on the far-reaching consequences of such heinous acts. The hosts remind us of the importance of bringing such cruel injustices to light and advocate for continued vigilance and reform in the juvenile justice system.
Stay Connected: Don’t forget to subscribe for more intriguing stories and leave a five-star review. Share with friends and join us again as we unravel more complex tax crime mysteries.
“Every crime has a trail that leads to the truth.” - Dom and Tom, Tax Crime Junkies


Meet the Tax Crime Junkies!

Dominique Molina is a CPA,  speaker and teacher, leader of the American Institute of Certified Tax Planners, has a law degree and a real interest in true crime.  


Tom Gorczynski is an EA, speaker and teacher, and admitted to practice in Federal Tax Court (USTCP).  One might say Tom has an amateur education in avoiding murder from his love of true crime.


We decided to combine our love of tax and crime to bring you stories of greed, envy, and just plain stupidity in the creation of Tax Crime Junkies.  Join us each week as we bring you more tales of white collar crime and the loopholes that went left.

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